Our Service To You

We work with leading LPFO sellers within and outside Nigeria. With our extensive links globally, we facilitate by helping our International buyers procure Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO) to any storage facility. We are capable of handling high quantity supply.

We are here to meet your constant request for supply of LPFO.

We help you close fast, safe, and profitable LPFO Sales/Purchase transactions! We at DEXIM Oil Merchants LTD have expert hands and have designed a transparent, reliable and workable structure that enables safe & smooth Business transaction. A procedure that Truncates the barrier of distrust and creates the right condition for contineous business relationship.

What Is Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO)?

Low pour fuel oil (LPFO), also known as black oil, is a fundamental input in steam generation in many labour-intensive industries like textiles, construction, food and beverages. It is also commonly used in vehicles and is a cheaper alternative to vacuum gas or engine oil.